Hospital Information System (H.I.S.)

Hospital Information System (H.I.S.)

The H.I.S. is a fully integrated solution which allows Small, Medium and Large Hospitals to gain competitive advantage by streamlining most of your hospital’s business processes that are otherwise labor-intensive and costly.

The Hospital Information System (H.I.S.) was built on the pillars of security and centralized information. It covers the main functionalities of your processes including, but not limited to, Patient Admission, Floor Management, Departmental Transactions, Billing & Collection. The H.I.S. can also be complemented with important add-on modules that complete the range of features that will benefit your hospital.

H.I.S Components

Basic settings

  • Security
  • Hospital Functionalities
  • Services Coding
  • 3rd Party Specialities
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • I.C.D 10 Diagnosis
  • Doctor / Pool Partition

Patient Data Input Procedure

One Medical File

  • Multiple Admissions

Floor Modules

  • Requests
  • Beds Management
  • Results View

Departmental Transactions

  • Residence
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • General Exam
  • Operations
  • Stock
  • Consultations


  • Cash Orders
  • Cashier
  • Collection
  • Medical Committee
  • Export Data to 3rd Party
  • Statistics

Add On Modules

  • H.I.S. Archiving
  • Patient H.I.S. Card
  • Medical Records - Paperless Medical Cycle
  • Laboratory Results(L.I.S.)
  • Blood Bank
  • Web Laboratory Results
  • SMS Doctor Alerts - Labo
  • Laboratory Machines Connection-List of 23 Machines
  • R.I.S.
  • Center Results
  • PBX - Patient Phone Calls
  • PBX - Invoicing Doctor/Employees (Phone Calls)
  • Workflow Server

    Documents Circulation
    Shared Folders Management

  • Oncology
  • Servers Alert Messaging System
  • External Clinics Module
  • Drugs Management Module

    Drugs Interaction Scanned Order Sheet