Payroll / H.R. / Attendance

Payroll / H.R. / Attendance

The purpose behind the Payroll / H.R. / Attendance application is to help you efficiently manage your most valuable asset – your labor force. Controlling costs, improving productivity, evaluating performance, all become an easy task that will in turn benefit your business. We help you have access to all this information from a centralized source in order to generate necessary reports and take managerial decisions. Our Payroll / H.R. / Attendance Solution uses technology to automate what was in reality a complex burden on your business.

Payroll / HR / Attendance Components

General Features

  • SQL 2012 Implementation
  • Connectors to Other Modules
  • Online Help / Documentation
  • Latest Software Versions / Updates
  • Privileges & Security Module


  • Attendance Management Module
  • Attendance Machines Link
  • Easy Schedule Management Module - Advanced Module
  • Payroll Management Module
  • Complete Arabic Official Reporting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Appraisal Module
  • Training Management Module
  • Accounting Generation Module
  • Automated Bank Payment
  • Sub-Contractors Module