Supermarkets / Superstores

Supermarkets / Superstores

The Superstore Management System is an integrated solution which allows Supermarkets & Superstores of any size to optimize cost, enhance customer experience and automate business processes. 465 POS are currently running our Software. Its features include front-end and back-end operations in order to provide you with a complete solution to your business needs. The Superstore System is offered as a basic pack which can be complemented with add-on modules that will further improve your digital experience.

Supermarkets / Superstores Components

General Features

  • SQL 2012 Implementation
  • Connectors to Other Modules
  • Online Help / Documentation
  • Latest Software Versions / Updates
  • Privileges & Security Module

Basic Pack

  • Purchase Management Module with Annual Contracts Management
  • Superstore Back Office Management Module
  • POS Module

Add On Modules

  • Production
  • Restaurant / CafĂ© Management Module
  • Consolidation Module
  • Space Renting Module
  • Scales Connection Module
  • Automated Physical Count Module
  • Warehouse Receiving Module
  • Privilege Card Module
  • Web Management for Privilege Card Module