Workflow Application

Workflow Application

The workflow application is a one-of-a-kind three-in-one tool that joined three important features in one simple Solution: Shared Files, Task Management and Document Circulation. Every business has files to share, tasks to follow up on, and documents to circulate, so why not do it on one single easy-to-use platform? The Workflow Management Solution is flexible enough to cover a wide variety of business sectors.

It was built on a solid infrastructure using the latest technologies in order to satisfy the need of most businesses. The Workflow Solution can be integrated with our own Software Applications, and it can also operate as a stand-alone application.

Worflow Components

General Features

  • SQL 2012 Implementation
  • Connectors to Other Modules
  • Online Help / Documentation
  • Latest Software Versions / Updates
  • Privileges & Security Module


Task Management Module

  • Task Management
  • Sharepoint Simulation Environment
  • Task Assignment & Follow Up Procedure

Worflow Module + Shared Files Control Module

  • Shared Files Management
  • Modified / Deleted Files Full Logging
  • File Connectors To: Excel, Word, Pdf, Tif, Emails Scanned Files
  • Intelligent Search Engine For All Above Files Types

Document Circulation Module

  • Secure Document Circulation Procedure
  • Documents Type: Scanned, Office, Emails
  • Serial Circulation: Accumulated & Secured Comments
  • Parallel Circulation - Centralized Comments
  • Centralized Database With Access Through the Network
  • Dynamic User Access Privilege Module